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I can't wait for the final release (Score:5, Funny)
by lxs (131946) on Tuesday May 31, @03:40PM (#12686924)
For the last 4.5bn years we have struggled with an alpha version of the Earth.

We can all remember Earth 0.1 , which was flat.

Earth 0.2 was spherical but still lodged in the center of the universe.

Earth 0.3 has served us well for over 200 years, but is still buggy as hell. The tectonics engine constantly crashes, causing massive earthquakes.

I have good hopes for the beta of Earth, but for the final release I, and many users like me would like a bigger planet.
from Google Releases Earth to Beta
/em feels good to be only 45% normal XD

hm dying at 79 is not so bad, that's like 14 years after retirement if i retire by 65. though all my grandparents are still quite healthy in their 80s, so i would expect to out live them, since i live a much better and easier life than them o.Oa

i have no idea where the 15% Dixie comes from o.Oa

got my new laptop on monday ^^

It is just the right size and weight (though the AC adapter is bigger and heavier than some other I have seen, twice as big as thinkpad's and dell's) It's black, I guess they dont make the lavender color anymore. There is no latch for the screen, you just flip it open, with nice indicators for power, wireless, etc visible open or closed). They should have put the hole for power supply on the left, as well as the main fan, so it doesnt cluter with my mouse and blow hot air at my hand. I dont understand why they have to stick all those stickers on your laptop = =, i have 4 covering the whole right side of my track pad. Also the buttons for the track pad looks somewhat out of place :3

I was some what disappointed with the package. for a $2000 machine, it came with less goodie than my mobo package :3 It did come with a optical mouse which I wasnt expecting. It also came with an AOL CD, thats pretty much giving for everything these days, but it didnt come with any recovery CD, I had to burn that myself. The way its setup, is it take up 10GB of my HD to hold the recovery data, I could wipe it after I copy those data into set of 7 CDs or 1 DVD.

I spent several days setting it up so far, still not done yet. Uninstalled a ton of crap and changed whole bunch of settings, I think I can finally accept windows XP now. Oh ya, I have to say, I really like the track pad setting, not sure if this is VAIO only thing. The way its setup, I can single click, double click, click and drag using just the track pad. I can also scroll windows with it, by sliding along the edges. And right click by tapping at the upper left hand corner. Im suppose to be able to go back and forward with the top edge while browsing the web, but havent got that to work with firefox yet, only in IE.

I decided to use this silver theme that came with vaio, it looks much better than the default blue/green one, or the fake win2k one. I'm not doing the mac theme thing for couple reasons, it would waste extra resources cuz you have to run several programs for it, it's not the XP's build in theme. And I dont actually like the menu bar on the top or the dock that much. Alot of the mac theme packs really renamed everything to be exactly the same as a mac, which makes it kinda confusing, cuz I'm not all that familiar with mac. Though I really wanted expose, but the windows version wasnt as good, maybe if i find a good one later.

If you have not heard of PowerToys , try it out, they are really nice, esp TweakeUI, Alt-Tab replacement and Virtual Desktop Manager.

You Are 45% Normal(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself

You Are 25 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

You Will Die at Age 79
You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...
And how you'll die as well.

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English
25% Yankee
15% Dixie
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

Your Political Profile

Overall: 20% Conservative, 80% Liberal
Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
awhile ago, i saw shinya's laptop with a skin for windows XP to look and act exactly like a mac.

in preparation for my new lapto, heres few links, this will be fun if it works ^^
Mac OS X Tiger for WindowBlinds
How To Make Windows Look Like A Mac
Turn your PC into a Mac
Windows XP to OS X Conversion Guide
Safari skin for Firefox

in case you wonder why i wanna do this, couple reasons:
- i hate XP (all my other systems still run win2k pro). but i'm not sure if it's a good idea to wipe a laptop and install win2k, they seem to have extra things running on them. and XP default theme is just butt ugly, so i wanna replace it with something else
- i have to use a mac laptop for work sometimes, and i have gotten used to the way dock and expose works (i often try to use the same key command and gesture whenever im on a laptop with touch pad)
- lastly i think it will be funny ^^;

if you have tried any of these things, let me know how well it works ^^
kerio personal firewall since version 4.1.x has this new IDS intrusion system that falsely block final fantasy xi, something with IDS65 - remote shutdown. all it actuall check is the source and dest port = =

finally found a way to bypass it, comment out that message in the resource file at C:\Program Files\Kerio\Personal Firewall 4\config\IDSRules\backdoor.rlk
"You can comment out this intrusion by editing backdoor.rlk, which can be found within the IDSRules folder. Use Wordpad to edit."

you should manually config another filter to catch IDS65 by source/dest ip and port for all other ip's.
lost bid on one of my new toy, o well i will be nice and let them have it. the seller seem to have one up for sell every few months. i will check back on it, already got one toy on the way ^^

pic of my room soonish, still working on movin stuff and decorating it.
new and exciting *^^*

/blue goes on a wild spending spree
*gets a call from mom: "why is your recent cc bill so high?"
/thinks to her self, oh... wait til you see next months bill ¬.¬

not to spoil it yet, but pics soon ^^
/jumps up and down

I have a blue house with a blue window.
Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
--Blue (Da Ba Dee)[EIFFEL 65]
Sony VAIO S380 $1829.99

Intel® Pentium® M Processor 730 (1.6 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)
Microsoft Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2
13.3" WXGA TFT with XBRITE Technology
nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6200 128MB TurboCache™ (32MB Discrete Video Memory, 96MB Dynamically Shared Video Memory)
60 GB Hard Disk Drive
512 MB DDR-SDRAM (DDR2-400, 512 MBx1)
Standard Capacity Lithium-ion Battery (BPS2)
2 Year Express Ship Service for Notebooks ($124.99 value)
4.2 lbs. with standard battery
12.3" x 1.16"-1.39" x 8.85"

what do you think? ibm is alittle too heavy for me i think, not sure what other option is there :3

edit: changed config [lowered cpu, removed bluetooth, lowered hd], also found this to go with it heh

i helds a small mac 4.7lb which i thought was alittle heavy, and i held a dell 700m 4.1lb which feels just right. so 4.2lb should be good ^^

for comparison, dell 700m:
1.5" x 11.7" x 8.5, 4.1lb
12.1-inch Wide Screen crystal clear TFT XGA active-matrix display (1280 x 800 resolution)
Intel® Extreme Graphics up to 64 MB shared memory

hm.. wonder if i will get it before 19th if i order now ^^;
looking at laptop again, bumped my price up and my weight limit too >.>

IBM Thinkpad T42
ATI Mobility RADEON 9000 64MB
*T42 and All T Series from IBM, looks like they are atleast 4.7lb and mostly 5lb :[

Sony Vaio VGN-S2701
ATI Mobility RADEON 9200
*S-Series, options from sony site:
S380: nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6200 128MB TurboCache™ (32MB Discrete Video Memory, 96MB Dynamically Shared Video Memory)
S270: ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9700 64MB /ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9200 32MB

HP series

Toshiba Portege
nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32MB

alla post

looks like HP also have small laptops. the good news is it sounds like most nvidia and ati card can run ffxi, the bad news is i thought dave's 4.7lb mac was heavy :[ i think im ruling out toshiba, havnt heard anyone recommanding it. ibm one is alittle on the heavier side, not sure how i feal about hp yet. though alot of people seem to dislike vaio :3