Goals for 2010

  1. read a book or listen to an audio book
  2. maintain current weight
  3. maintain 14-16 gym visits per month for 6 more months
  4. 10 push ups
  5. learn to ride a bike
  6. learn to swim again
  7. do 5 hikes
  8. sieve thru existing recipes and cook 10 new dishes
  9. get rid of the box of crap
  10. write another android app
  11. make another modular model
  12. complete one non modular origami project
  13. complete one sewing project
  14. (set a realistic investment goal)
  15. go on a family trip
  16. go on a trip with jim
  17. go back for carnival
  18. go to japan
  19. go to yosemite
  20. go to tahoe (not sure for what yet)
  21. get married
  22. buy a house
Some random goals for the new year (not in any particular order), just want to keep a list so I can keep track and see my progress . Probably missing some, so will come back and add them when I think of them.


this weekend

quick summary, saturday: trained for an hr at the gym in the morning; scs alumni bbq at half moon bay, saw mark stehlik there; got grocery and made a cheesecake before dinner; split the first cherry tomato from our garden with jim; watched transporter 3; finish kingdom heart 2. sunday: sort of trained for 45 min in the morning; bbq with friends in the park; big loads of laundry; and going to do some work now.

i'm trying out this gym near google, it's more expensive than others, but very nice atmosphere, friendly and helpful trainer, not very crowed and it's on the way home. haven't really exercised since high school, i can barely run a block now = =

we harvested 2 beans earlier this week, not many to begin with since it's in a small pot, but they kept getting eaten by something before they got more than 1cm long. the cherry tomatoes are starting to turn red now, ate one yesterday, will have a bunch more soon this week.


Last week

I took Jim to Jake's to celebrate Penguin's winning with some unauthentic Philly Cheesesteak. Jim ended up ordering something else, not sure why and didn't like it. I had the Cheesesteakand curly fries, the fries were good, Cheesesteak was so so.

After two tries, we have a pretty good meatball hoagie recipe now (just sause). The meatball I got form Costco was really good, though turn out it's made with Chicken, which is fine. Still need to find good bread, the one we used was too soft before toasting, crumbles too easily after toasting.

Jim made me ride the new google bike over the weekend. The new bike has lower seat and no horizontal beam, so easier for me to get on / off. I managed to go around a circular flower bed couple times with Jim holding on, but still end up crashing into the flower bed once, scratched up my left leg.

My garden is doing well. I see some pinky sized tomatoes on the store bought tomato plant. I have 15 other tomato plants that I grew from seeds, the largest one is also flowering now. The pole bean is also flowering. The store bought jalapeño pepper came back from the dead, with completely new set of leafs. The 3 jalapeño pepper plant I grew from seed are doing ok, but they are pretty small, probably too late for this season. Got 9 scallion growing among my small kalanchoe bed. After putting all the kalachoe into shades, they are finally growing greener leaves. Basil is doing ok, wonder when I should start harvesting.


Hiking #3

When hiking in Russian Ridge on Sunday. Kind of forgot how winding page mill road is, Jim drove last time, but I had to drive this time. The 10 mile drive took more than half hour each way, whole time Jim complained how slow I was while going up hill, then too fast coming back down. We also ad a late start, by the time we got up the hill, it was already sometime after 1PM. It was quite chilly up there, we didn't bring an extra layer, so whole time I had to keep my hands in the pocket, pull my hoodie over the cap, sunglass to block the wind. Whole mountain was engulfed in fogs, even though friend recommended the trails for the supposedly great view, we couldn't see anything. But not all was lost, the Ancient Oak Trail was very interesting. Lots of old trees completely covered in moss, dripping water, making the ground all muddy, feels like we were in a rain forest. Some of the trees seems refuse to die, there was one giant tree that fell over, roots exposed, and new branches growing from the side. I also spotted a giant banana slog, it was like 6 inches long. We walked for about 4 hours, 5 miles total. [Map to come]

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magical chicken

last weekend, i went shopping at costco alone on empty stomach... bad idea! tried bunch samples and bought bunch of them. i also went by the cooked food section and couldn't resist picking up a rotisserie chicken. actually the chicken was probably the cheapest thing i bought, only $6, everything else was like at least $10 each.

the chicken was pipping hot, we decided to eat it as soon as i got home. of course we couldn't finish it all. next two days we ended up eating out with friends, so the chicken was left untouched. tuesday, i used some of the chicken as pizza topping. wednesday, i made chicken alfredo. thursday, chicken masala. still some left, but we are eating out tomorrow. maybe this weekend we can have chicken salad or sandwich. if a tiny chicken last us a week, i wonder how long a turkey would last.

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